Twilight Sparkle inspired My Little Pony Hair Fascinator

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A gorgeous flower fascinator with a tiny alicorn inspired by Princess Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony at its heart. 

The perfect, sweet, and elegant hair fascinator, but with a cute and funky twist! There is a wee toy hiding in the flower's centre!

If you're an adult or child fun accessories like these show off that playful nerdy side we all have.

The fascinator is hand made by me, I use cotton and silk faux flowers, which are mounted on a foam base. Cabochons and silk appliques are added and there is a small toy hiding in the centre as well. The foam base of the fascinator is then covered in felt and the clip is also mounted and secured both in and onto the felt.

I make each fascinator and mini hat with time, hot glue, e-6000, and love. Each piece has a small heart applique on the back as my way of showing and passing on that love!