Pinkie Pie inspired My Little Pony Earrings 2.0

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Pinkie Pie is my favourite pony in the whole world! I collect all the Pinkie Paraphernalia I can get my wee paws on, so I guess its only fair for me to share some of my Pinkie Pony collection!

Bright, colourful and fun! These earrings showcase a tiny pony inspired by Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony. 

If you're an adult or child fun earrings like these show off that playful nerdy side we all have.

Or if you need a wee gift for someone, nothing says friendship is magic quite like a tiny gift of the embodiment of the element of laughter!

I just love My Little Pony, and these earrings are a really cute way of showing the world your favourite pony or your favourite element of harmony!

The base material is a soft rubbery plastic that is super light weight and very durable. They are approximately half an inch long, and are dangle earrings.

The french hooks are 925 sterling silver and the hardwear is 925 silver plated.