Fluttershy inspired My Little Pony Floating Charm Necklace

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A sweet little charm necklace, for a sweet someone who loves animals and ponies alike!

This floating charm necklace showcases a tiny pegasus inspired by Fluttershy from My Little Pony, as well as a locket and the MLP logo.

It also has a locket bedazzled with rhinestones and is filled with all things Fluttershy! It has Angel the bunny, a song bird, a spring time flower, a pegasus wing, and a pink butterfly.

If you're an adult or child fun jewelry like this shows off that playful nerdy side we all have.

Or if you need a wee gift for someone, nothing says friendship is magic quite like a tiny gift of the embodiment of the element of kindness!

I just love My Little Pony, and a lovely charm necklace is a really cute way of showing the world your favourite pony or your favourite element of harmony!

The base material for the charms on the outside is a soft rubbery plastic that is super light weight and very durable. The necklace itself is a pink - purple rope, and all of the accompanying hardwear is also a matching colour. The locket is metal alloy, rhinestones and glass. The accompanying charms are also metal alloy filled in with enamel. 

The materials used are alloys and I do not know what allergens they may contain.