Floral tie-dye mini scarf and face mask set

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The mask:

Made with two layers of high quality cotton, that is both light and breathable but with a high enough thread count to provide some protection from dust, larger air born particles, and will absorb moisture from speaking etc. 

One size fits most. And is approximately 7inches by 4inches folded. Unfolding to 7inches to allow plenty of room for your nose! I hate a squished nose!

Elastic is soft and super stretchy and is approximately 6inches slack and 14.5inches stretched. It also has a soft cotton ribbon tie for those that like to tie their masks at the back of their heads, or for wee ones who need the elastic to be shorter. 

It is re-useable. Machine washable, iron safe, and dryer safe. I have washed and tumble-dried my masks many many times. 

This is not a medical grade mask and will not prevent smaller airborne pathogens from entering the lungs and throat. Rather it is a suitable preventive measure for situations where individuals who cannot maintain social distancing measures can have an extra measure of safeguarding against illness, or for activities such as cleaning or activities involving sanding, and dusting etc.


The Scarf:

Something nice to co-ordinate with a face mask, and something nice for when we no longer need masks all the time. 

Approximately 32 inches by 2.5 inches.

There are so many ways you can wear these wee scarves!

First and foremost - it's a scarf! But small and kind of like a casual ascot! Or it's a head band! or it can be a hair tie. Ooooor if you joined a Disney Princess gang you can use this to show your colours!

If you're an adult or child fun accessories like these show off that playful nerdy side we all have.

These are hand made by me, using a pattern I invented. This is made using officially licenced fabrics, as such they are only made in limited runs (I make between 7 - 10), and after that they are gone forever. 

Officially licenced fabrics are more expensive, however, they are far better quality. Usually it is made of 100% pure cotton. I will state otherwise if it is not cotton. 

All scarves are machine washable, tumble-dry-able, and you can iron them!