First Gen. inspired Star Trek Mini Scarf

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There are so many ways you can wear these wee scarves!

First and foremost - it's a scarf! But small and kind of like a casual ascot! Or it's a head band! or it can be a hair tie. Ooooor if you joined the confederation you can use this to show your colours!

If you're an adult or child fun accessories like these show off that playful nerdy side we all have.

These are hand made by me, using a pattern I invented. This is made using officially licenced fabrics, as such they are only made in limited runs (I make between 7 - 10), and after that they are gone forever. 

Officially licenced fabrics are more expensive, however, they are far better quality. Usually it is made of 100% pure cotton. I will state otherwise if it is not cotton. 

All scarves are machine washable, tumble-dry-able, and you can iron them!