Dick Pick Flower Pot Card

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A high quality 5' by 7' blank greeting or special occasion card with envelope.

My flower pot art is designed to be unique and elegant.


Well most of my flower pot cards are elegant...not this one.

Do you need to tell that special someone they are/have been/are being currently a dick? Well now you can...in the nicest way possible!

Do you reeeeeally want to send that special someone an unsolicited dick pic but also perhaps some flowers as well? Well you can do both at once!

And just whose dick is this?! Well I have no idea, and I'm the one that drew it! That's right...some random dude off of instagram sent me a unsolicited dick pic (it was my very first one and everything!). Do I know this person? No. Have I immortalized their junk into a fine art piece? Yes. Did I send them this picture back? Yes. Yes I did.

Good times.

Prints and cards are made on specialty ordered cardstock, and are printed using a professional photography printer. They have a far superior quality than that of staples. (I know because I did a test run at staples, and it was ok...but not good enough.) The paper is acid free, and all of my prints are designed to fit in standard sized frames. 

All cards come with an envelope and are blank on the inside. Should you need me to write a message I can do so at no extra charge, I write by hand in cursive font.