Store Policies

Shipping and Handling: 

I ship all orders within two working business day via Canada Post.

Parcels usually arrive within 10 - 14 business days, however, shipping time can be up to 8 weeks. Usually delays are due to inspection in customs, and I cannot control this.

Standard Airmail for small items such as earrings and cards does not include tracking. As such I do not offer refunds for lost items, I do offer the option on express post which will have a tracking number included. However, this is expensive (Canada has some of the highest postal rates of all countries, why? I know not) but worth it if you feel an item could get lost.

Bigger items such as hats come with tracking so there is no need to worry, you will be provided with the tracking number and you can follow your package's progress online. 

Shipping is a flat rate of $2.00 Domestic (Canada), and $3.50 International (USA and the rest of the world)

I am not responsible for any customs, import fees, or taxes that may incur once an item goes through customs. I cannot control this and it is the responsibility of the purchaser of said goods to pay the taxes and customs of their country.


Most of my jewelry is made with pure 925 sterling silver or 925 plated. There are some items which are made from 'tibetan' silver which is an alloy with several components one of which can be nickel. 

If someone has a bad reaction to nickel I don't recommend anything unless I state that the product is all pure 925 sterling silver, the other component to sterling is usually copper. 

For latex allergies some of the earrings have charms that use a rubbery plastic that could potentially contain latex. I do give a warning for this should it be applicable. 

Other things do be aware of: I am owned by two cats and I have a dog, whilst I make sure everything is clean and everything is inspected before being sent out, cat or dog fluff may infiltrate something. 

Returns and Exchanges:

For sanitary reasons I do not offer returns on earrings. 

Should anything arrive damaged or be defective in anyway (loose stitching, broken hardware on a piece of jewelry etc) I am more than happy to replace or refund the item. 

Sometimes an item is unique (I've had this happen once in 6 years) and it gets damaged en route and I am unable to replace it. In this event I can either offer something of suitable value as an exchange, I can repair it, I can make something similar and customized, or I can offer a refund.

Basically if there is something wrong with your order please don't hesitate to get in touch. There are social media links on the footer of the home page most of which have a direct messaging feature built in, or you can email 

Custom Orders:

If you see something you like but need it in a different colour or you want a particular nerdy item that I don't have in my shop you can request a custom order.

Whatever crazy, dreamy, spooky, or nerdy thing you desire I will do my best to make it happen. 

Should I have all the materials on hand; it will take about 7 business days for me to make your order, and then the usual shipping time.

Should I have to specially order in materials; it will take up to 8 weeks (maximum, I've had to order in some very specific stuff in the past and one time it did take a while).

Items such as jewelry or hair fascinators do not have an extra fee for custom orders.

I do charge a $10 fee for custom card requests and print requests. this is because a custom artwork can take hours to create, and depending on the piece it won't have any resale value for more prints. If the custom request is something simple (such as a specific pokemon or a particular doctor from Doctor Who) I will wave the $10 fee as I can add prints of that art piece to my 'for sale' collection. Please also note that a custom card or print will not be the original. It will be a high quality print on acid free card stock. This is not a staples quality print. I have a special printer and order in special paper and card stock. 

How do I do custom orders? In these steps:

Custom orders are usually requested via email (, but sometimes someone will DM me through a social media account.

I will assess whether or not I can create the piece and in what time frame.

The price will be usually be whatever the average price is for that type of item (for example $15 for earrings or $35 for a fascinator). Obviously it may be more if I have to special order something that is more expensive. A simple example would be someone requesting 12k gold for earring hooks rather than 925 sterling silver. I will let you know the cost before I even start making the order.

Payment will either be through e-transfer or I will create a special item listing with your name on it so you can purchase it through the shop the same as anything else in the store. 

If I have all materials on hand: once payment is received I will make your order.

If I have to order in specific things: once items for the order arrive I will request payment and then make your order once payment is received.

Time to make the order is 7 business days. (Usually I can make it within 24 hours, however, I may or may not have other custom requests and they are always fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis.)

Once the order is completed I will send pictures of the product to be sure that everything is perfect.

Now that everything is perfect, I will ship your order via Canada post.