White Furby inspired Earrings

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For those Nineties kids out there I bring you: That weird bird-hamster thing that spoke furbish and was basically a super cute, yet creepy robot that unlike other toys (for better or worse) spoke back to you. 

I'm pretty sure all I got was sass from mine...because it wasn't enough for me to get sass at school and home. I had to get it from my toys as well...

Bright, colourful and fun! These earrings showcase a pair of wee creatures inspired by furbys. 

If you're an adult or child fun earrings like these show off that playful nerdy side we all have.

The base material is a soft rubbery plastic that is super light weight and very durable. They are approximately half an inch long, and are dangle earrings.

The french hooks are 925 sterling silver and the hardwear is 925 silver plated.